First Fairing of the Hull

The Building of Northern Cross, a Skiff America Design and other Cool Stuff

I’m confident it’ll take about 3 fairing to bring things flush.  This is fairing #1.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’re 2 pronounced edges to the glass taping.  One more prominent than the other.  Both of these edges need to be removed.  This is easily accomplished by using a card scraper.  


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All edges have been scraped and all glass tape has been hand sanded.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Using a squeegee, I applied my fairing compound to all the taped areas.



Things need to get uglier before they can get prettier.  Tomorrow I’ll sand all these edges and apply another filler coat.  I think 2-3 coat should get me where I want to be.  I’m taking my time here, I want a nice fair hull before I lay down the xynole.

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