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Don’t Block Me, I’m Important

I could not be anything but amused at the news MPs are being prevented from using their House of Commons PCs to read Lembit Opik’s column in the on-line Sunday Sport. Its not just the idea that parental controls have been imposed on our MPs but the most laughable among there number should consider it a worthy occupation for an elected member to write for a soft porn newspaper.

His actions show nothing but disrespect for all those who fought for the establishment of the parliamentary system and the right to vote. Opik is a shinning example of what is wrong with our country where MPs treat the post as a route to fame and fortune not an honourable service to be undertaken with dignity and honesty.

Opik is trying to get the ban on accessing the Daily Sport web site lifted so all MPs can read his words of wisdom. Quite what the impact of a column in the country’s ‘Funniest Newspaper’ will have on the future of this country is unknown. Perhaps its influence will be equal to his own, nil.


Try On

Now we know. The difference between being fair and trying it on is £58. Not much it would seem, except the the being fair bit was £160,000. If ever you needed proof that politicians were only in it for the money just take a look at how they take every opportunity to claim every penny possible without a moments embarrassment.

They do not even see the lax rules as a problem and many are working hard to prevent the public knowing how much they claim and for what. When so many are finding it harder to pay their way, its time our politicians started paying theirs’.